I Played: Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing - Now on Android

Ridiculous Fishing is by no means a new game. From humble beginnings as a flash game by the name of Radical Fishing, the game eventually came to iOS, and has just recently (like, yesterday) debuted on Android. I picked it up in the Humble Mobile Bundle and I’ve played it for about an hour now. Here’s what I think of it so far

The game plays in three basic phases: Fishing, Shooting, and Shopping.

As you cast your reel out you want to avoid any fishies you see on the way down. As soon as you get a bite, you’ll start to reel whatever you have caught in. You’ll want to try to sink the lure as deep as possible to allow you to catch as many fish as you can on the way back up. Once you’ve hooked a fish and start to ascend again, you’ll want to start hitting as many fish (avoiding the jellyfish) and make your way back up to the surface.

At the surface, you fling the lure up into the air, launching everything you’ve hooked skyward. This is when you pull out your gun and start shooting all of the fish! You start out with a simple pistol, but can purchase bigger and badder weapons in the game’s shop.

Each fish you shoot earns you money, and each jellyfish you shoot costs you money, and money is spent on buying upgrades. Thus, the flow of gameplay is: Fish > Shoot > Shop. You control the lure by tilting your phone to the left and right and the controls are surprisingly responsive and smooth. As you delve deeper the fish become more dense, and it gets harder to dodge them all. Luckily there are a few upgrades to help you out with this.

Upgraded lures allow you to tap the screen while descending to drill down, increasing your speed and instantly killing anything you hit. You can also buy a toaster and a hairdryer that act as extra lives and will fry the first fish that tries to nibble on the lure.

Ridiculous Fishing’s art style is simple but aesthetically pleasing. The water will gradually change colors as you sink lower and it helps to emphasize how deep you’ve gotten, fading from light green and the surface to pitch black at the bottom of the sea.

Surface Light Darkness of the Deeps
The design of the various fish are interesting, and it’s fun to see all the new types of fish you can see every time you go to a new location.

The game also features a kind of integrated Twitter feed it calls the Byrdr. It updates occasionally in response to certain milestones you reach in-game, such as successfully fishing the boss-fish for each level, or buying a new gun. The idea is neat, but ultimately it doesn’t affect the game at all (either positively or negatively).

Ridiculous Fishing is fun, plain an simple. The upgrade-oriented gameplay will keep you coming back for another quick round of ludicrous angling and it should keep you occupied for a good long time. A day-one patch for the Android version alleviated the only issue I experienced with the game, which was occasional lag. After updating the game it’s been nothing but smooth sailing (pun intended), and I’m looking forward to playing a whole lot more of it.

Ridiculous Fishing is available now on iOS for $2.99, and for Android through the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 (as long as you pay more than the average, which is $5.04 as of writing this). No word yet on the exact release date of a stand-alone Android version.

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