My Hearthstone Story



I recently passed the ‘100 hours played’ milestone for Hearthstone and I’ve been reflecting upon my time spent with it. After getting access to Hearthstone close to the end of the beta, I decide to pick a single class and stick with it. At the time not wishing to spend too much (if any) money in the game, it made sense to me to focus on a single class and spend gold and arcane dust making cards to make a single deck better. I loved how simple the Mage was. There are so many ‘Deal X damage’ spells, and spell damage creatures allow you to ramp up the damage and make silly plays.

As I played more, I was able to invest more into making the Mage deck of my dreams. I took to the Hearthstone Ladder around the time that they started the first Test season, and was pleased with the results. I never made it far beyond rank 18 or so, but I had fun with a Turn 1 Mana Wyrm into Coin and Mirror Image. Even after Pyroblast took a significant nerf, I continued on playing Mage, casting all other classes aside to focus on making a fun burn deck.. Continue reading