2018 Best Games I Played All Year

Hey! It’s August so I thought it was about time to finally post this monstrosity. It was about 95% finished on December 31st of 2017 but in the last few days of the year I was able to spend a ton of time playing new VR stuff and I decided to hold off posting until I was able to write up the VR games. I’ve since decided against a full write-up of those games, instead opting to list them and give a few quick thoughts.

On the whole this year’s GOTY stuff is more trimmed down. It’s basically been a complete re-write from the original list because I’ve decided I don’t like the long-form stuff. It’s just devolved into describing the game at a mechanical level in the past and I don’t feel like that’s a good use of my time. Without further ado… here we go! Continue reading