My E3 2015 Watch List

E3 2015 is on the horizon. With a little under a week to go until the biggest gaming convention kicks off, we’ve already been graced with some incredible pre-show announcements.

Of course, as great as it is to see sequels and reboots and the occasional HD remastering, the greatest joy of E3 (for me, at least) has been eagerly watching the press conferences for the unexpected reveals.

Regardless of whether a game lives up to its E3 trailer or not (see Watch Dogs) it invariably makes for a good show. While I try hard not to overhype myself, it’s always fun to watch a reveal trailer for a new IP or unexpected reboot for the very first time.

Here’s a list of games I’m looking forward to at this year’s E3, along with some announced titles that I’m decidedly unexcited about.

Fallout 4
Dark Souls 3
Just Cause 3
Star Wars Battlefront
Hearthstone (new game mode?)
No Man’s Sky
Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst
Rainbow Six Siege
Metal Gear Solid V
Tom Clancy’s The Divison
Lego Dimensions

Super Smash Bros (content + amiibo)
Chibi-Robo: Zip Lash
Fire Emblem: if
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Star Fox Wii U
Mario Maker
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
Devil’s Third (what even is this game?)

Halo 5

Persona 5
Kingdom Hearts 3
VR Stuff

Animal Crossing Wii U
Paper Mario Wii U
Legend of Zelda Wii U
New F-Zero
New Platinum Game (Nintendo exclusive?)
New RetroStudios Game (Nintendo exclusive?)
New/HD Red Dead Redemption
New TimeSplitters
Beyond Good & Evil 2
Half-Life 3
Star Wars 1313
Jet Force Gemini

Don’t Really Care:
Assassins Creed Whatever
Watch Dogs 2
Mass Effect
Uncharted (4?)
Rise of Tomb Raider

Top 3 Announcements I’m hoping for:
1) Paper Mario Wii U (a return to the old RPG style)
2) Metroid Prime Wii U
3) Crackdown release on PC


My Hearthstone Story



I recently passed the ‘100 hours played’ milestone for Hearthstone and I’ve been reflecting upon my time spent with it. After getting access to Hearthstone close to the end of the beta, I decide to pick a single class and stick with it. At the time not wishing to spend too much (if any) money in the game, it made sense to me to focus on a single class and spend gold and arcane dust making cards to make a single deck better. I loved how simple the Mage was. There are so many ‘Deal X damage’ spells, and spell damage creatures allow you to ramp up the damage and make silly plays.

As I played more, I was able to invest more into making the Mage deck of my dreams. I took to the Hearthstone Ladder around the time that they started the first Test season, and was pleased with the results. I never made it far beyond rank 18 or so, but I had fun with a Turn 1 Mana Wyrm into Coin and Mirror Image. Even after Pyroblast took a significant nerf, I continued on playing Mage, casting all other classes aside to focus on making a fun burn deck.. Continue reading


Some thoughts about Hearthstone

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

I’ve been playing quite a bit of Hearthstone recently and it’s gotten me to thinking about the Free to Play model of the game. Free to Play in a CCG (Collectible Card Game) is an interesting concept which is a huge change from more classic paper CCGs & TCGs like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.

I got really into Magic about a year ago, around the time of the Gatecrash expansion release. Just starting off, I was happy to just be able to play, but it quickly became apparent that if I wanted to play in any kind of competitive capacity that it would be a serious investment of time and money.

Terms like ‘Pay to Win’ are often used when describing games like Magic, and while they’re not entirely wrong, I’d like to think that things aren’t that black and white. Casual play is an often underestimated format in many games, especially for a game like Magic where large tournaments are held and hundreds of thousands of dollars given away every year to the best of the best.

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rymdkapsel coming to PC in January


Polygon has reported that the meditative space strategy game Rymdkapsel will be coming to PC in January. This is following the original release on the Playstation Mobile in May and an iOS and Android release in August. The PC version will be expanding upon the mobile counterparts, featuring two new game modes, new monoliths, missions, and an extended soundtrack. It’ll be sold through Steam, but a DRM-free version will also be available, according to the developer.

You can pick up rymdkapsel on iOS or Android for $3.99, or get it as part of the Humble Mobile Bundle 3. The Playstaion Mobile verison is currently available for free through Sony’s Festive Giveaway promotion, but only until December 18th.


I Played: Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing - Now on Android

Ridiculous Fishing is by no means a new game. From humble beginnings as a flash game by the name of Radical Fishing, the game eventually came to iOS, and has just recently (like, yesterday) debuted on Android. I picked it up in the Humble Mobile Bundle and I’ve played it for about an hour now. Here’s what I think of it so far

The game plays in three basic phases: Fishing, Shooting, and Shopping.

As you cast your reel out you want to avoid any fishies you see on the way down. As soon as you get a bite, you’ll start to reel whatever you have caught in. You’ll want to try to sink the lure as deep as possible to allow you to catch as many fish as you can on the way back up. Once you’ve hooked a fish and start to ascend again, you’ll want to start hitting as many fish (avoiding the jellyfish) and make your way back up to the surface.

At the surface, you fling the lure up into the air, launching everything you’ve hooked skyward. This is when you pull out your gun and start shooting all of the fish! You start out with a simple pistol, but can purchase bigger and badder weapons in the game’s shop.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 3

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 is here! For the next 14 days you can take part in this pay-what-you-want sale on a bundle of Android games. The Mobile Bundle 3 includes EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, and Swordigo, and if you pay more than the average (generally around $5) you’ll also get Ridiculous Fishing and Kingdom Rush.

Both Swordigo and Ridiculous Fishing are seeing their debut on the Android platform with this bundle, so pick them up while you can! As with any other Humble Bundle, each purchase supports the Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as well as the devs who make the game. If you’ve never bought a bundle from the Humble folks before (and own an Android smartphone) now’s your chance to pick up a bunch of cool games and help out a couple of great causes.

Humble Mobile Bundle 3


As a reminder, the Humble Store is still doing daily deals, and today only you can pick up Hotline Miami for $2.49, Awesomenauts for $3.49, and Super Meat Boy for $2.49. TowerFall is also on sale for $9.99, but keep in mind that this is the Ouya version of the game.

Humble Store


Lessons Learned from Skyrim

Please Stand By

The internet has been abuzz with rumors of a possible Fallout 4 announcement by Bethesda coming up in December. It’s been two years since their last big release (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) and over five years since Fallout 3 came out, and fans are eagerly awaiting news of the latest game in the Fallout series.

With all of the excitement over a new Fallout game, I’ve been thinking more and more about Skyrim’s release. There’s a lot to be learned from Skyrim, both good and bad, and I’d like to share some of my thoughts on what lessons I hope that Bethesda has learned from Skyrim, and what we can hope to carry over to the Fallout universe.

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The Humble Store is now Open!

The Humble Store

The people behind the Humble Bundle are taking a stab at a more conventional method of selling games with the new Humble Store. Unlike the previous ‘pay-what-you-want’ Humble Bundles, the new Store is much like any other online game distributor, with the added bonus that 10% of all the proceeds are divided among the American Red Cross, Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, World Land Trust and charity:water.

Also unlike previous Humble Bundles, the Store is permanent, and as part of the store’s debut the folks at Humble are running daily sales on new games added to the Store. The Day 1 lineup included Don’t Starve, Natural Selection II, Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Swapper, Prison Architect, Rogue Legacy, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Orcs Must Die! 2 and Gunpoint. The second day of deals includes Guild Wars 2, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Papers, Please, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Planetary Annihilation, Alan Wake + American Nightmare, Antechamber, Blade Symphony, and Receiver.

All games are on sale for between 50% and 75% off for the first 24 hours they are available. My Day 2 picks would be Blood Dragon for $5, Papers Please for $6, and Antichamber for $6. New games appear to be added to the store every day at 2pm EST, which is also when the sales on the previous day’s games will end, so keep an eye out on the Humble Store page as well follow @humble on twitter for updates on each day’s sales.


Eldritch is finally out!

Eldritch is finally out of beta and has made its way to Steam thanks to a successful Greenlight campaign. To a casual observer browsing the Steam, it may seem like the game is promising a lot. Ripped from the Steam store page, Eldritch is described by the developers (twin brothers and co-founders of Minor Key Games David and Kyle Pittman) as a first-person action game inspired by roguelikes, immersive sims, and H. P. Lovecraft. Could there truly be a game as amazing this? Find out after the break!
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