Ramen Adventure #1 – Beef

I decided I’d begin my ramen adventure with Beef. I’m not completely sure, but I think I may have tried this once or twice in the past, though I can’t recall whether or not I liked it.

The first think I noticed about this cup was that the noodles seemed unusually… (for lack of a better word) slimy. I cooked this the same way I always cook my ramen, but the texture of the noodles seems a bit different, and I’m not sure if it’s the flavor packet that made it like that or if I just left the noodles cook a bit longer than I do normally.

Noodles aside, I’m very underwhelmed by the Beef flavor. There honestly isn’t much flavor at all aside from the taste of salt. Even drinking the broth by itself, I would hardly be able to tell it was (supposed to be) beef flavored if I hadn’t made it myself. It doesn’t even really smell like beef.

Maybe my expectations were set too high, and I shouldn’t hope for all of the other flavors to be as great as the chicken is, but I was really let down, but I guess that’s the whole point in trying new things. I now know for certain that I’m not missing anything spectacular by not getting Beef ramen.

Pictures after the break!

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