SteamOS – Coming Soon™

Valve’s mysterious countdown has finally reached 0, and something amazing has been unveiled to the world… kinda. Today, Valve announced a new Linux-based operating system, which is likely to be the platform for any hardware that Valve may be planning to release in the future.

More interesting than the OS itself, it seems that the plan is to make SteamOS available completely free for users, as well as freely licensable for manufacturers. SteamOS has an interesting feature list as well. The official website mentions streaming games over a home network, as well as ‘many media services’ to enable music, TV, and movie streaming. SteamOS also mentions the recently announced Family Sharing feature, which seems to be a big part of SteamOS.

The site says SteamOS will be available soon, but Valve Time can be a tricky thing, so I’ll hold off on guessing exactly when we’ll be seeing it.

You can check out the full description of SteamOS here. And keep in mind, that this is only the first of three announcements. The countdown to the second annoucement has already begun, and come Wednesday at Noon CST we’ll see what new wonders Valve has in store for us.

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Valve’s Living Room Teaser Site

The Steam Universe is Expanding in 2014

Valve has unveiled a mysterious new website which is counting down the seconds until Monday, September 23rd at 10am PST (1pm EST/Noon CST). The only information on the site at the moment eludes to the news being living-room related. Many people have been quick to speculate that this will become Valve’s announcement of the Steam Box, a machine designed to compete with consoles and dedicated to running games via Steam while being used in a living-room with a TV and controllers.

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Gaming News – June 28th – Gundog, Gun Monkeys, Steam Trading Cards

News is a bit short to day (and a bit silly) as there isn’t really a whole lot to talk about.
ALSO: I now realize that my monitors may be affecting my lighting. I’ll try to be more aware of this in the future and hopefully it won’t be as noticeably terrible as it was tonight.